Brand Experience: Achieving Competitive Separation

Workshop Room C

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

True differentiation in business is increasingly rare. So how do you differentiate your company in the sea of sameness? Achieve competitive separation by embracing, event enhancing your flaws rather than trying to fix them.

In this intimate workshop, two-time TEDx speaker and International expert, David Rendall will discuss ways that you can leverage those unique qualities that set you apart from everyone else. David’s seven-part framework will help you leverage your strengths and achieve a competitive edge.

As a result of this intensive session, participants will gain:
1. Tools: Get equipped with how to uncover weakness and weirdness in their DNA.
2. Skills: Understand how to design your experience to amplify uniqueness.
3. Empathy: Gain a deeper appreciation for the need to exceed customer expectations.