Stephanie Scotti

Stephanie Scotti
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Company: Professionally Speaking

Author of the Amazon best seller, Talk on Water: Attaining the Mindset for Powerhouse Presentations, Stephanie Scotti is one of only a handful of contemporary speech coaches who has dedicated her career to preparing business leaders for high-stakes events.

She has consulted with thousands of global executives and high-level leaders in diverse sectors ranging from high-tech, pharmaceutical, and financial services to convenience stores, retail, and lifestyle brands. With a seasoned, perceptive style, she empowers clients to consistently outperform the competition, win new business, gain recognition, influence decision makers and shape policy. Clients describe her approach as “nothing short of transformative”.

When a game-changing result is essential, Stephanie works with you to leverage your strengths and ensure that your presentation delivers results.

Stephanie holds a BA in Speech Communications and an MS in Organizational Communications and Business. She has been named 2016 winner of The Enterprising Women of the Year Award.